The Plantsman’s Nursery


Woottens main specialities are Auriculas, Hemerocallis, Irises and Pelargoniums.

Auricula – We have been building our collection of auriculas for over 10 years and we now have over 400 varieties of alpines, borders, and shows. All plants are propagated by division on the nursery. We pride ourselves on the health and strength of our auricula plants. Our auriculas are available all the year round.

Hemerocallis – We first started growing Hemerocallis over twenty years ago. Over this period our collection has become increasingly refined and we now concentrate largely on the new American Spider varieties and Unusual Forms. We feel the subtle and wayward looks of the Spiders and Unusual Forms make them much better mixers in the border than some of their more ostentatious cousins. Our Hemerocallis are all field grown and we despatch freshly dug divisions throughout the year.

Bearded Irises are a particular passion for us; we now grow over 2.5 acres. As well as collecting modern introductions – particularly the fabulous creations of the Schreiners nursery in Oregon, we also have a large collection of historic varieties. Woottens Bearded Irises are despatched as bareroot divisions dug from our field from the beginning of August till the end of October. We also grow a wide range of Iris sibiricas which are pot grown and can be despatched throughout the year.

Pelargoniums were Michael Loftus’s earliest love. His mother, Prue, was a great collector and the uniques and scented leaf varieties were part of his life for over 50 years. Our collection of Pelargoniums is intensely personal. We abhor the violent colours of most modern Pelargoniums and specialise in the species and scented leaf varieties. All our Pelargoniums are raised at the nursery from cuttings. We send out Pelargoniums throughout the year.

Agapanthus – Woottens is also well known for its large collections of Agapanthus Grasses and Hardy Geraniums. In addition it grows one of the largest general collections of herbaceous plants in England and is currently building up collections of shrubs and climbers


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