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A choice selection of Pelargoniums from our expert grower. Ideal as a starter collection or to evolve an existing one. Most Pelargoniums are sun lovers and require a well drained soil. Detailed care instructions can be found in our Pelargonium section of the website

Supplied as 9 x 9cm pots – varieties are dependent upon availability but will contain the following:

3 Scented Leaf Forms. Rose scented. Lemon scented. Spice or mint scent.
3 Species Forms. P. sidoides or similar – hardy and easy to care for plus two other unusual species.
1 Decorative form. 1 Regal form. 1 Unique form.

Pelargoniums are wonderful in the garden all summer until the first frosts. They flower from April-October and are extremely drought tolerant, providing ideal container plants that need little care.
They are surprisingly easy to overwinter and are soundly perennial living for many years. Majority are evergreen.

Woottens grows one of the largest and most diverse range of Pelargoniums in the UK. Plants are supplied all year when availability allows except in severe freezing temperatures.

If you’re ordering as a gift in the winter do let us know in case plants aren’t available at that time.


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Plant Details: THE PLANTSMANS CHOICE of Pelargoniums


Family: Geraniaceae

Origin: S. Africa

Flower colour: Pink, White, Red

Flower month: Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Foliage colour: Blue, Green

Hardy: Tender

Soil type: Well drained soil

Aspect: Sun

Evergreen: Evergreen

Height: 40

Spread: 40

Flower type: Single

Flower attribute: Elegant

Leaf colour: Green

Suggested Container: Small Pots, Window Box, Large Pots

Winter grow conditions: Heated greenhouse

Container Compost: Well drained

Web rating: Woottens rating 10/10

Pot Size: 9cm

Plant Collection: YES

Variety: of Pelargoniums

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