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THE PLANTSMANS CHOICE Drought Tolerant Plants

A selection of plants suitable for extreme conditions including dry soil or periods of drought. All plants in this collection are sun loving and thrive in barren areas, particularly once established.

Although all plants need a proportion of water to be able to photosynthesise there are some that conserve the water more efficiently than others enabling them to be more tolerant to periods of drought. This collection consists of a selection of our most efficient plants for a dry environment

Supplied as either 6 x 1.3L pots or 9 x 9cm pots depending on the time of year and availability. Although not exclusive the collection may comprise of our choice of the following:

Sedum. Stipa tenuissima. Salvia. Artemisia. Helianthemum. Catanache. Eryngium. Stachys.

Please note that once in the ground these plants will still require a proportion of water to get their root systems growing in the new environment. Once established they will find their own source of water and conserve it.


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Plant Details: THE PLANTSMANS CHOICE Drought Tolerant Plants


Variety: Drought Tolerant Plants

Family: Lamiaceae

Origin: UK

Flower colour: White

Flower month: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Foliage colour: Blue, Green

Hardy: Hardy

Soil type: Drought tolerant

Aspect: Sun

Evergreen: Deciduous, Evergreen

Height: 70

Spread: 40

Flower type: Single

Flower attribute: Elegant

Flower style: None

Leaf colour: Green

Suggested Container: Window Box

Winter grow conditions: Outside

Container Compost: Well drained

Web rating: Woottens rating 10/10

Special uses: Marine

Pot Size: 1.3 litre, 9cm

Plant Collection: YES

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