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We are offering two chunky plants of Sarcococca in 2 litre pots for £21.25 15% off their RRP. Winter Box. A small genus of Chinese and Himalayan evergreen shrubs which thrive in any no too dry, well drained soil. White, exquisitely fragrant flowers from December to February. Black berries in summer. Ht. 150 cm. Slow growing. Hardy. They are best grown in shade and can thrive under trees. With their modest size an essential plant for every garden. They can also be planted in containers near the door where its delicious fragrance will salute you in in your exits and entrances.

Sarcocococca confusa is now very commonly known and one of our core plants on the nursery. The name ‘confusa’ is, as it sounds, meaning confused – the species is unknown and has never been collected in the wild. It is believed to be a natural hybrid of S. hookeriana and S. ruscifolia but grows true from seed. It has quite rightly earned its way in to many gardens and is an easy and rewarding shrub.

Sarcococca hookeriana was named after Joseph Hooker – a Suffolk born botanist and plant collector. Many of Hooker’s introductions were found on his travels around the Himalayas including Meconopsis villosa, Carthatica villosa & Rhododendron dalhousiae.
Whilst the species is said not to be as tough as it’s cousin S. confusa and we have found it to be  just as robust. It originates from China and has white flowers that emerge from pink calyx’s and are just as beautifully scented as its relative. The lanceolate leaves are more vivid green and the stems, petioles and midribs are all a stunning deep red.


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Plant Details: SPECIAL OFFER Sarcococca


Variety: Sarcococca

Family: Buxaceae

Origin: Himalayas

Flower colour: White

Flower month: Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec

Flower scent: Sweetly

Foliage colour: Green

Autumn leaf colour: Green

Winter leaf colour: Green

Hardy: Hardy

Soil type: Moist yet well drained soil

Aspect: Shade, Part Shade

Evergreen: Evergreen

Height: 150

Spread: 100

Flower type: Single

Flower attribute: Elegant

Flower style: Arch Foliage Habit, Dainty Foliage Habit

Leaf colour: Green

Suggested Container: Large Pots

Winter grow conditions: Outside

Container Compost: Soil or Loam Based

Web rating: Woottens rating 9/10

Special offer: Special Offers

Pot Size: 1L or 2L

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