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SPECIAL OFFER Pulsatilla vulgaris

A selection of our wonderful common Pasqueflower. Six strong 9cm plants for just £21.60. Three Pulsatilla vulgaris – the beautiful purple form and three Pulsatilla vulgaris Alba, the elegant white form. Flowering from March-May followed by attractive fluffy seedheads that continue into June.
Soft green filigree foliage. They like a sunny spot but cool soil so east facing is ideal. Ht 30cm Sp 30cm.

Once a native site in the UK these lovely early spring flowering plants are cultivated and grown in gardens.

Pulsatillas are commonly called ‘Pasqueflowers’, which is derived from the Hebrew word for Passover – and reflects their Easter flowering period. The flowers of the Pasqueflower were commonly used to decorate the Paschal candle and the rich green dye extracted from their leaves and flowers was used to stain eggs as gifts on Easter Sunday.
Pulsatillas are native to our chalk land meadows, but will thrive in most soils, being found in mainland Europe growing in acid sand. Pulsatilla was once a common wildflower in England. Although tolerant of summer drought, Pulsatillas need plentiful moisture in spring. They are best in an open situation, although they will grow in light shade. They are modest plants, never exceeding 30cm. in height and not much more in spread. They look content with other early spring perennials such as Pulmonaria, Primula vulgaris and Hellebores.


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Plant Details: SPECIAL OFFER Pulsatilla vulgaris


Family: Ranunculaceae

Origin: Europe

Flower colour: White, Purple

Flower month: Mar, Apr, May

Foliage colour: Green

Hardy: Hardy

Soil type: Moist yet well drained soil

Aspect: Sun

Evergreen: Deciduous

Height: 30

Spread: 30

Flower type: Single

Flower attribute: Elegant

Flower style: Dainty Foliage Habit

Naturalising: YES

Winter grow conditions: Outside

Container Compost: Peat based or peat sub

Web rating: Woottens rating 8/10

Special uses: Ground Cover, Bees

Special offer: Special Offers

Pot Size: 9cm

Variety: Pulsatilla vulgaris

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