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SKIMMIA japonica Rubella

SKIMMIA japonica Rubella

Evergreen shrub. Glossy green foliage panicles of red buds in winter that open to white flowers in early spring. Grown for their foliage and attractive berries especially adored by florists. They like a sheltered spot in partial shade and a loamy but well drained soil. Ideally with a neutral to acidic PH.
Eventual – Ht 100cm Sp 100cm. Hardy. Can be grown in containers and should be repotted every year.

Skimmia are a genus of evergreen plants native to Japan, China and Southeast Asia. They have been cultivated as garden plants for many years and in the UK produce panicles of tight buds in the winter which are often seen as more decorative than the flowers they open up to in early spring. These buds are used in floristry particularly winter displays. Fertilised female plants will produce red berries after flowering.

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Plant Details: SKIMMIA japonica Rubella


Species: japonica

Variety: Rubella

Common name: Skimmia

Family: Rutaceae

Origin: Asia

Flower colour: Cream

Flower month: Mar, Apr, May

Flower scent: Sweetly

Foliage colour: Green

Autumn leaf colour: Green

Winter leaf colour: Green

Hardy: Hardy

Soil type: Moist yet well drained soil

Aspect: Part Shade

Evergreen: Evergreen

Height: 100

Spread: 100

Flower type: Single

Flower style: Arch Foliage Habit

Leaf colour: Green

Winter grow conditions: Outside

Container Compost: Ericaceous

Web rating: Woottens rating 9/10

Pot Size: 1.3 litre

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