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Freshly collected Primula auricula seeds. 
Minimum of 20 per packet.
Open pollinated. 

Seeds are collected from specific varieties rather than mixed packets. From the drop down box you can select which Auricula group (Border, Alpines, Shows etc) you would like your seeds from. Although collected from the same variety, each seed may flower differently and show variation to the parent line. Due to open pollination we only know the pod parent, we do not know both parent lines.

How to store and sow

Store in a secure container in the fridge (not freezer) until you are ready to sow.
Germination is most successful when seeds are sown between February and April, young plants will then be strong enough to survive their first winter. 

Seed trays must be kept cool and moist, do not allow them to dry out. House in a shady spot in the garden or cold frame. 
Sow thinly and do not cover with compost, a light layer of vermiculite over the top is enough, or a dusting of fine compost
Seeds will germinate between approximate 10-15 degrees. No base heat is required in most cases. Don’t be tempted to cover with glass as warm temperatures will hinder germination. 


Auricula details
Lightly fragrant. Flowers March-May. Ht. 15cm. Sp. 15cm. Well drained soil. Allow natural light in the winter and spring but shade in the hot summer, shelter from wet in the winter. Hardy.

Commonly known as Mountain Cowslips or Bear’s Ears the first species forms and natural hybrids originate from the mountain regions of central Europe. They have hybridised over the past 400 years by plant enthusiasts to create the thousands of varieties we have available today. In brief auricula plants need a well-drained compost, they dislike being over watered especially in the winter. They require shading from scorching sun in the summer but good natural daylight in the winter and early spring.  Primula auriculas are hardy to cold and suffer from few pests and diseases. They can easily be propagated via division of the rosettes.
We recommend growing Auriculas in display pots rather than in the border as they can be easily swamped by other herbaceous plants.

Click here for full Auricula growing details and how and when to order.

Seeds are not covered by our plant guarantee. No refunds or replacements are made for seeds that have not germinated.


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Plant Details: AURICULA Seeds


Species: Seeds

Common name: auricula

Family: Primulaceae

Origin: European Alps

Height: 15

Spread: 15

Aspect: Part Shade

Evergreen: Evergreen

Hardy: Hardy

Winter grow conditions: Cold frame

Flower month: Apr, May, Jun

Flower scent: Sweetly

Foliage colour: Green

Soil type: Well drained soil

Suggested Container: Small Pots

Container Compost: Alpine

Web rating: Woottens rating 8/10

Pot Size: Alpine, Border, Double, Edge, Fancy, Self, Stripe

Sub Group: Alpine, Border, Double, Edge, Fancy, Self, Stripe

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