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Woottens of Wenhaston Bearded Iris Open Days

Woottens of Wenhaston Bearded Iris Fields Open Days

Woottens of Wenhaston Bearded Iris
Open Days 2019

Our Iris Fields will be open for viewing from Saturday 25th May – Sunday 9th June from 10am-4pm everyday. Last entry at 3.30pm. Please see full details below

Our Bearded Iris fields are usually open between the last weekend in May until mid June, from 10am-4pm Mon-Sun. Last entry is at 3.30pm. We believe the best show will be within the first week of opening due to the warm dry weather. If you are travelling some distance to visit the fields please call ahead to check as any severe changes in weather can affect the openings

Artists and photographers* are welcome to come and paint or photograph* the Irises.
Entry is free and any donations made go to the NGS


“Bearded Irises in the month of May are the keynote speakers in my garden – that sticky perfume and the intensity of colour of their flowers. No other genus has flowers so blue, so brown or so black; in these colours Bearded Irises rule supreme. A solitary Bearded Iris makes a sad sight; plant them in cohorts; there is great beauty in the repeated rhythm of their upright stems”. Michael Loftus

Woottens of Wenhaston Bearded Iris Open Days Woottens of Wenhaston Bearded Iris Open Days Woottens of Wenhaston Bearded Iris Open Days
In 2015 an exclusive area of the fields was replanted in chronological order to display the differences
in breeding between the 17th and 21st Centuries. We grow over 200 different Historic Irises from many wonderful breeders including


The opening times each year are weather dependent, for example a cold spring will mean the plants bloom later and a warm spring will encourage earlier flowering. Sadly severe rainfall and high winds can easily decimate our exposed fields but on majority of occasions we will still open the fields for those who have traveled to see them.

The dates usually run from the last weekend in May for 3 weeks into June
During these dates the fields are open from 10am-4pm everyday including weekends. Last entry is at 3.30pm.
Entry is free and any donations made go to the NGS

Iris Field Etiquette

When visiting the Iris Fields we ask customers to please adhere to the following practices:

Wear sensible clothing & footwear. The area is an uneven working field and precautions must be taken at all times to mind your step.

Not all plants in the fields are for sale. When visiting if you are thinking of ordering Irises ALWAYS collect an Iris availability list from a staff member or from the information point.
The field itself is where 
ALL our Iris plants grow including our stock and rare plants which aren’t all for sale
Many customers also pre order Irises before the fields open and also during the opening days so the Irises you view may already be reserved for another customer.

Keep all dogs on leads and children under control. Whilst we welcome dogs and children to the site the Iris fields are not a playground. Please clean up after your dog and ensure they stay on a lead as we have chickens on site. Children must not run in and out of the rows as they can damage the plants

Iris positions Although the fields are labelled with the Irises names and positions it is very difficult for us to remember the positions of over 1000 different plants so please have patience when you ask ‘where is Jane Philips planted’ as we may not know that position instantly!

Travelling from afar? It is wise to ring the nursery before travelling some distance to view the fields especially if we’ve suffered recent bad weather as there may be little to see.
Also do bear in mind that Bearded Irises are not native to the UK and they flower when they choose. So please don’t be disappointed if the Iris you have come to view has gone over, there are hundreds more to appreciate.

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