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Woottens of Wenhaston Auricula Open Day

PRIMULA auricula Blush Baby- Woottens Plant Nursery.

Saturday 22nd April 2023 – Cancelled with apologies

Auricula Open Day Cancellation 
We were due to hold our annual Auricula open day this coming Saturday 22nd April, however it is with huge regret that we have to inform everyone that due to a series of unforeseen circumstances we have had to cancel  this year’s event.
We know a lot of people will have been looking forward to it and we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.
The nursey will still be open from 10am-4pm and there will be a small selection of auriculas to purchase, however there will not be the usual displays of plants.

Our Auriculas
Woottens nursery has been growing Primula auriculas for over 15 years and our collection has developed into one of the largest in the UK. We grow and propagate over 400 different varieties including over 30 of our own hybrids ~Auriculas flower between March-May and are very hardy. Their flowers are sweetly scented especially en masse. They make excellent feature plants displayed in pots, butlers sinks or window boxes or even your own ‘Auricula Theatre’. Some varieties are happy in the garden borders if not swamped by larger herbaceous perennials.

Auriculas come in seven different groups all with their own unique qualities. There are ‘Stripes’, ‘Doubles’, ‘Borders’, ‘Fancies’, ‘Edges’, ‘Alpines’ and ‘Selfs’. The most floriferous are the  ‘Alpine’ and ‘Border’ groups.
Auriculas originate from the Alps and are incredibly hardy plants. Being of this alpine nature they do not like too much water and should be watered very little during the winter months.
In the summer they require shading from hot sun but appreciate light through the winter.




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