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July 26th, 2018

Woottens of Wenhaston has been growing and propagating plants for over 25 years, the qualified and experienced staff love to share their experiences and knowledge with our customers
This blog includes advice on all types of horticulture from small scale propagation to specific genus advice, as well as the odd blog on how to erect a basic poly tunnel or how best to share your garden with a flock of chickens!
To begin with we offer advice on how to grow and propagate our Specialty Plants: Auriculas, Agapanthus, Irises, Geraniums, Hemerocallis and Pelargoniums. 
The links below will take you to the advice specifically for these plants:

Auricula Advice – History, Classification, Growing and Propagation

Agapanthus Advice – Why no garden should be without one either in pots or in the border

Iris Advice – An in depth look at the many different species available to grow in your garden including Bearded Iris, Siberian Iris and Japanese Iris as well as many more

Geranium Advice – Discover all the many varieties and which one suits your needs best. Any easy to grow selection of plants that are highly rewarding

Hemerocallis Advice – Revealing their short history, the few species but the thousands of cultivars available today. Plus how to grow and propagate them

Pelargonium Advice – History, Classification, Growing and Propagation. The Woottens favourite and most diverse genus in the horticultural world

Primula auricula Agapanthus inapertus Sky Iris ensata Variegata

GERANIUM wallichianum Crystal Lake Hemerocallis Slapstick  PELARGONIUM Copthorne

Woottens Plants Horticultural & Garden Courses

If your thirst for knowledge still isn’t quenched why not look at our range of horticultural and garden courses run by Garden Designer and tutor from Capel Manor College London – Neill Ludmon. Neill runs courses for Woottens all year round from basic garden design to what to plant in a shady border.

Click here to view all the courses running this season and details on how to book a place


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