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Not sure what day it is………………..!

July 9th, 2016

Finally after three days the Pelargonium Stock tunnel is down – we all watched in relief as the last hoop fell, it reminded me of Fred Dibnah and his toppling chimney stacks!

After moving all the hot benches and hoops we sat down at 6pm last night to enjoy a drink.
Unbeknown to us from underneath a pile of mipex and dust appeared a hedgehog – wobbling it’s way along the pathway that was a polytunnel.

After some delicate investigation we realised it was a family of hedgehogs that had been nesting underneath a hot bench this summer. Luckily during the dismantling the mother and three babies hadn’t been disturbed or harmed. After a phone call to a Hedgehog Rescue centre we’ve decided to leave them in their home until they decide to leave. The babies all have their needles so hopefully they’ll venture out soon into the nearby woodland.

The week has been long but we are amazed how much we have achieved with some determined staff and a handful of volunteers

Tomorrow we tackle the Pelargonium Sales tunnel – a huge double span tunnel – with just three steps ladders and a collection of 13mm spanners!






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