The Plantsman’s Nursery

Days Four & Five

July 7th, 2016

As the days roll on I have to admit the tiredness is kicking in. Muscles are beginning to ache and the days seem hot and short. However we have achieved many tasks over the past two days, all the plants are now relocated and its wonderful to see them altogether and thriving in the sunshine.

We have sheltered the shade loving plants such as Actaea, Rheums and Hostas underneath quince trees at the field, these particular plants will crisp and perish in scorching sun and wind.

However our Agapanthus and Hemerocallis are dancing in the full sunshine, all in bud or flower. The queens of summer!

The toughest job so far this week has been the dismantling of the Pelargonium stock tunnel. Erected over 15years ago it is well and truly fused into position. However finally today we have managed to remove 4 of the 8 metal hoops as well as the plastic and supporting struts.

This tunnel also housed 3 of our hot benches, easily constructed using wooden sides, polystyrene base covered in plastic and filled with sand. Through the sand and gravel runs electric heated wires giving a base temperature of up to 30 degrees.

Therefore we needed to shovel 2tonnes of sand and gravel off the benches in order to move them. All worthwhile to be able to continue propagation on the new site.

Looking forward to beginning the next polytunnel tomorrow…….




By Woottens Shop

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