The Plantsman’s Nursery

Day Two – The Auricula House

July 4th, 2016

Our Auricula collection finished flowering about 3 weeks ago, the last to flower are usually the alpines and double varieties. Luckily for us they were ready to be rested in the cool for the summer months before we begin dividing them in the autumn.

We began the slow task today of move the Auricula alpine greenhouse. A task that requires care, precision and a very methodical team in order not to break or crack a single pane of glass. I’m proud to say that every pane is still in one piece!
Once empty it’s surprised us how large this alpine house actually is – housing 800 little auricula plants for the past 15 years.

Once the glass was removed – 9 staff members and helpers carried the frame from the nursery location to the new site along the main road much to the surprise of oncoming traffic!

Well, when a job needs doing……………………..


Auric House
Auric House gone




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