The Plantsman’s Nursery

Day Three – The benches

July 5th, 2016

Well, three days in we’re still all in high spirits and thankful for the dry weather.

As well as tunnels, greenhouses and plants we have all the vital benches to move.  Some are wooden benches, others metal rolling benches for space saving and some hot benches for striking cuttings. Our main task today was to relocate our Pelargonium collection and the benches that support it.

Now all these benches are concreted in so as well as taking them apart and rebuilding them we decided to also take the concrete posts! Why not?! Great work to Matthew for digging these out.


So currently all our Pelargoniums are being housed outside in the sunshine and easterly breeze until their benches are rebuilt. Surprisingly Pelargoniums need the summer months outside where possible. It is a misconception that these south African native plants should be indoor plants in this country, they can get stressed too humid and suffer badly from greenhouse aphids if kept permanently indoors. A period of time outside will do them the world of good.

One rebuilt bench with young plants growing on, just another 15 to go……



By Woottens Shop

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