The Plantsman’s Nursery

Day One

July 2nd, 2016

The official day one of the move began today in glorious British sunshine.

As a predominantly ‘office based’ staff member I have to admit that I have discovered aching muscles this evening I forgot I had! But I feel very proud of our achievements, after a hearty nursery breakfast we began moving our hardy Geranium collection to the new site.

They all received their Chelsea chop before the move, to encourage fresh young growth and prevent to much ‘distress’ through these sunny and windy days. Although it is always a shame to cut off the flowers it will benefit the plant hugely and they will usually spring back and give you a second flourish of flowers this season

We did the same to our Brunnera plants that were a little drier than they like, a good drink and removal of larger leaves will give them a well deserved rest as we tucked them under some shady quince trees on the new site.

Aquilegia flower stems, seedheads and old foliage need cutting back too, although you’ll be left with a bare crown you will encourage lovely fresh summer foliage within two weeks, just have some patience.

However our biggest task today was taking down the old Clivia tunnel. When we knew about our pending relocation  we decided to rehome the Clivia collection with an Agapanthus specialist in Sheffield. They are there now receiving all the care and attention they require that sadly as a hardy perennial nursery we struggled to give them.

On the new site the tunnel we become or home of propagation, growing plants for seeds and cuttings including: Salvia, Penstemon, Nepeta and much more.

The tunnel was near completion by 5pm when the heavens opened, so work was halted until tomorrow. Hopefully the Victorian Auricula house will also come down ready for relocating for next years Auricula weekend.

Here is how the ‘shade end’ looks now! Tunnel up to tunnel down with just 3 staff and 2 wonderful volunteers, not bad!





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