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Autumn Planting Advice

July 26th, 2018

Autumn Planting

It is easy to feel lethargic about the garden, especially when the days are damp and the nights are drawing in. However contrary to belief the autumn months are when we should be highly active in our gardens & be enjoying all our late flowering plants, rather than closing the back door on them in favour of our sofas and cups of tea!
There are many jobs to be done including the planting of hardy perennials & bulbs, pruning of shrubs, and preparations for next year. A true gardener always looks 6 months ahead so now is the time to be planning you spring display
Divide herbaceous perennials to increase quantity and thin out congested borders. Plant bulbs such as Narcissus, Alliums and Tulips before December, cut hedges and prune spring flowering shrubs.
Autumn is the perfect planting season – the earth is warm and damp ideal for root development & if planted now your perennials have got a good 6 months to establish.
Take care not to plant half hardy perennials until the spring such as Penstemons & shrubby Salvia unless you’re a vigilant, careful gardener.

Let us dispel this myth that spring planting is best, with cold soil and a long wait for the frosts to finish – I’d prefer my garden to be done and ready to bloom by the spring!

Plants suitable for Autumn division:
Bergenia                                           Geums                                                      Pulmonaria


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