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It is the species & old-fashioned hybrids, which interest us.  Their flowers, their foliage & their structure all bear no relation to the modern aberrations which fill garden centres.  Among old-fashioned Pelargoniums the diversity of flower, leaf shape, leaf scent & plant structure is truly amazing.  Many of them will grow into large shrubs - P. Purple Unique reaches 300cm. Others have enormous leaves - P. tomentosum has mature leaves 30cm. across.  Some have leaves, which are the merest filigree - P. abrotanifolium. Some have the daintiest of flowers - P. fragrans, a haze of tiny white flowers.  Others have flowers with the richest of hues - P. Lord Bute, intense purple black flowers edged with red.  Some are scented of lemon, others of pine or balsam or peppermint.

Please note our Pelargoniums are not suitable for consumption due to ingredients in the compost.

Plants are sent out all year round unless we experience severe freezing temperatures. Certain varieties are propagated to order therefore we recommend ordering before February to receive plants that year.  Plants are available as 9cm or 2litre sizes. Please note our Pelargoniums are not suitable for consumption.
Pelargonium Echinatum White Form picture